Many weightlifters struggle with pain from injury or surgery long after traditional Physical Therapy has ended. Choffner Rehab & Recovery addresses the source of your pain and creates an individual Rehab & Recovery plan. Designed so you can continue your active lifestyle in the gym with Coaching and exercises you can access anywhere you have a phone signal. Our clients return to 100% in a shorter time with enhanced strength, proper form, and improved mobility, giving them bulletproof confidence as they continue their active life.


Went to a traditional Physical Therapist or professional because of pain from an injury/surgery and:

  • They were given generic exercises that were not tailored to them and didn't see results or progress.

  • Still in pain, suffering from lack of mobility, range of motion, and pinching pain that no one has helped them with.

  • They are not 100% back to where they want to be in the gym.

  • They had to stop because they reached their max physical therapy insurance visits but have not fully recovered.

Hesitant to try another Physical Therapist because.. 

  • They have a busy schedule and are not sure how to fit additional PT appointments in

  • Not willing to stop working out unless absolutely necessary

Reduced quality of life 

  • Pain is impacting the quality of sleep 

  • Reduced mental capacity to function

  • Unable to perform at their job


  • Fear of being pulled from doing their normal workouts

  • Frustrated they have taken all this time for recovery and still not 100% 

  • Defeated, they still are experiencing pain that impacts their active lifestyle and workouts

  • Discouraged that they are not able to perform or achieve the results they want in the gym 

  • Overwhelmed at the thought of trying to get another referral from a doctor, fighting the insurance, and finding time in schedule for more PT 


  • Confident

  • Strong

  • Resilient

  • Goal-Oriented

  • Bulletproof Mindset 

1:1 Rehab & Recovery Program

We help weightlifters after finishing traditional Physical Therapy, you are still in pain and not fully recovered from surgery or injury. We get you to fully recovered with bulletproof confidence,  greater strength, proper form, and improved mobility; 100% able to return to your active lifestyle. 

We understand that you are busy, and pain impacting your quality of life, which is why we listen to you and make it convenient to become pain free. We have worked with dozens of ladies who have seen progress in just 4 weeks with the 1:1 individual Re-assessment, weekly check-ins, and monthly progress celebrations!

Group Rehab & Recovery Program

Our group coaching program is a great alternative to our 1:1 Rehab & Recovery. You can achieve 100% progress with:

  • 12-week group coaching program 

  • 1:1 tailored Rehab & Recovery exercise plan

  • App-based training program with instructional videos

  • Weekly Zoom video group coaching Rehab & Recovery sessions

  • Chart progress with Weekly Evaluation and check-in

  • Share feedback or ask questions by uploading videos, posts, or the chat

  • Membership to the private Facebook community of like-minded women

  • Weekly mindset group coaching with the Mindset Coach

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