Rehab & Recovery for Strength Athletes

When traditional Physical Therapy ends after an injury or surgery leaving you struggling with pain, we get you to 100% in 12- weeks.



  • RETURN TO 100%

You have done everything the professionals have told you but…you are still suffering

  • Experiencing pinching pain, lack of mobility or range of motion.

  • Pain is impacting your sleep, mental clarity and forcing you to take days off from work.

  • You have tried all the professionals within driving distance and don’t have time to find additional help.

  • You are not 100% and experience pain when you try to do a full workout.

  • You have maxed out Physical Therapy visits.

Our Approach

From Pain to Bulletproof Confidence


Schedule your Assessment call. We work with you where traditional Physical Therapy stopped and design an individual Rehab & Recovery program to address your pain


WE WANT YOU TO KEEP WORKING OUT. We add our 12-week program to your workout with a custom exercise plan, hands on coaching and online community that is accessible anywhere you have a phone signal


Our goal is to get you out of pain, restore your mobility and increase your range of motion with correct form that will increase your confidence and performance

How it Works

1. Schedule your Assessment

We help you discover the source of your pain. with

simple guided movements, Dr. Corey, in a recorded

zoom call, will reassess your mobility above and below your described pain point

2. Discover the Source of Your Pain

With metrics and recorded images, Dr. Corey reviews

your Pain and Performance Assessment and shares his

observations with recommended next steps to get you

to 100% recovery.

3. 100% Progress with Coaching

Sign-up for the 12-week Rehab & Recovery Coaching

program with tailored exercises, weekly evaluations, chart

your progress in the app, participate anywhere you have cell

service and experience results with the clear communication

and coaching from Dr. Corey. (click to learn more)

The Strength Athletes We Help Get Amazing Results

You live a full active life, afraid if you go to another doctor they will pull you from your workouts, give you a generic plan and you won’t get results. WE MAKE SURE YOU CAN KEEP WORKING OUT. Here are a few ways we have helped our clients heal from injury and improve and heal in ways they didn’t even imagine possible..




Low Back


After working with Corey for 4 short weeks I have no more pain and set lifetime PRs and still NO PAIN!” - Dave LeGros, Strongman

“I was a little skeptical because of the virtual aspect of this PT program but was very impressed with my improvements in just 3 weeks.” - Lori Dusoe, CrossFitter

“I knew what needed to be worked on but not enough to really help myself.” - Nancy Shapiro, CrossFitter

“Even though my initial assessment was to improve my lower back/shoulder issue, he relieved my nagging elbow pain I had for months!” - Liz Ebel Cole, Powerlifter

“After my 12 week program, my achilles pain is gone and I am able to run again.” - Catherine Netto, Runner

We Bring Rehab & Recovery To You

We have been there. We have been the Physical Therapist that had to tell you that your insurance plan wouldn’t allow any more visits, yet knew you weren’t 100% recovered.

Getting you to 100% is our priority. We make our program easy to access (anywhere you have a phone signal), individual coaching to guide you with form, and listen throughout the program with daily chat, Facebook community and weekly check-ins and monthly evaluations to to ensure you are progressing. Grow stronger. Gain greater range of motion and increase mobility.

We care about your overall improvement, not just your area of pain. We ensure you get the support you need.

See What Our Clients Say




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