My name is Corey Hoffner and I’m a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy through the American Physical Therapy Association and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

In 2013, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology (exercise science/strength & conditioning) with a minor in Nutrition from the University of Connecticut. While there, I had the privilege of working with several different sports teams including men’s basketball, soccer, and baseball. My role was to assist with training athletes and create rehab programs for injured & non-injured athletes. Shortly after graduating I worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach for 2 years at the Division 1 Level which transitioned to a personal training job at a nearby gym with people of all ages and body-types.

In 2018, I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from University of Hartford. During my early years I have worked as an outpatient physical therapist assisting people in reducing pain and regaining mobility and stability to avoid or prevent future injuries. I have also worked as a home-care physical therapist traveling to and from patient’s houses to train them as well as done personal training on the side. I have taken a large array of courses since graduating and have had 2 in-depth 12 month mentorships which have helped me become an expert in musculoskeletal conditions related to the general & athletic populations. As well as being a physical therapist, as a strength and conditioning specialist I am qualified to help people to develop and achieve higher level performance based on their specific goals that reach beyond traditional rehabilitation through exercise.


I started as a personal trainer at a big-box gym. Grinding day in and day out, trying to talk to people working out on the floor to convince them to sign up. Getting turned down more times than I could count. Something kept me driven to find people who needed the help and to help those who couldn’t tolerate exercises due to pain.

Realized if I wanted to help people I had to level up and become more knowledgeable. Fast forward to graduate school where I almost failed out my first year, however, something kept me driven and going. Pushed through, worked hard, and kept that drive. On my last clinical rotation I was seeing more than a full caseload of patients, roughly about 70-80 per week. I finally graduated and thought to myself… I made it. I am set for life. Not realizing some crucial things to come like student loans, insurance drama, and burnout. Got my first job, went in bright eyed & bushy-tailed, promised an awesome salary, generous benefits, and tons of support for any courses I wanted to take. Two months in I find myself stressed, gaining weight, and anxious. Seeing 30 patients a day, a new patient every 20 minutes. Patients seeing little to no results and me blaming myself for being a newbie/graduate. Realize this is not for me, got a new job seeing half the amount of patients but find the same thing starting to happen with my schedule getting double & triple booked.

Fast forward to COVID taking place & the clinic being closed forcing us to facetime or zoom patients to continue to help them. Start to realize enough is enough… this telehealth thing is actually working wonderfully. The results spoke for themselves after doing it for a month. I realize I want to help people get the care they deserve so I open my own online rehab & recovery business to start on my journey to give people better 1:1 time & accountability. 


-“Do you accept Insurance?”

We work for our patients, not insurance companies. In our experience, the patient is far better

off when the insurance company isn’t dictating care. We also want to spend as much time as possible helping people – not completing forms, waiting on hold, dealing with claims processing and arguing for appeals. Unfortunately, our healthcare system is profit-motivated, not patient-centered. We do the best we can to reverse that trend and focus on quality not quantity.

-“I prefer to be treated in person, why should I try PT online?”

The choice is yours, we have found better and higher levels of success from using our simplistic virtual model. Some of the reasons for this are because patients always receive 1-to-1 care from a doctor of PT, PT specializes in competitive weightlifting/sports, done from comfort of your own home, and 24/7 accountability and form correction.

-“Do I have to be in pain to work with you?”

No! We love to work with people who are interested in being as mobile and strong as possible. We can help you enhance your existing fitness routine and improve any weaknesses and imbalances too! Improving mobility, strength, stability, and balance is always a great idea. We would love it if more people came in to learn these things which will help keep them injury-free!

-“Do I need a doctor’s referral to work with you?”

No! It is not necessary to see an orthopedic surgeon or other doctor before scheduling a visit with us. Most states are considered direct access, so you can come directly to us at any time. If you are feeling limitations in mobility and strength or any pain (short of a 911 emergency, of course) come in and see us! We offer a 30-minute initial screen and can help you determine whether it is time to see another kind of doctor and/or get imaging done. We can also give you information about doctors in your area.

-“What type of patients do you work with?”

We work with weightlifters of all ages, skill levels, who play all types of sports. We have experience treating everyone from 12 year old baseball players to collegiate competitors to Weight Lifting Athletes and everyone in between! Our passion is helping people return to or get better at the activities they love.